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Minimizing Labor. Maximizing Output.

At Champion no job is considered too large and complex or too small to be considered. Whether it’s placing concrete on a 20 story high rise, a towering bridge deck or reaching over a homeowner’s roof to the backyard patio our team is ready to provide timely, professional concrete and material placement.

When Champion’s dispatch answers your call, questions are asked to ensure the right pump is sent to your concrete pour. When needed, Champion can check your job site prior to pour time answering set up or clean up questions.

Concrete pumps minimize labor while maximizing output, delivering a quality product in an efficient, safe, cost effective manner. Concrete pumps distribute concrete in a steady flow while other methods “dump” the concrete.

Concrete Boom Pumps

17 Meter Boom Pump

17 Meter Boom PumpVertical Reach: 54 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 35 feet
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31 Meter Z Fold Boom Pump

31 Meter Z Fold Boom PumpVertical Reach: 108 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 84 feet
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32 Meter Boom Pump

32 Meter Boom PumpVertical Reach: 105 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 84 feet
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34 Meter Boom Pump

34 Meter Boom PumpVertical Reach: 111 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 90 feet
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36 Meter Boom Pump

Champion-36-Meter-Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 115 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 97 feet
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38 Meter Boom Pump

Champion-38-Meter-Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 122 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 97 feet
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38 Meter ZZ 5 Boom Pump

Champion 38 Meter ZZ 5 Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 123 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 98 feet
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39 Meter Boom Pump

Champion 39 Meter X -Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 127 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 105 feet
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47 Meter Boom Pump

Champion 47 Meter Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 155 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 134 feet
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58 Meter Z5 Boom Pump

Champion 58 Meter Z5 Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 189 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 162 feet
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58 Meter Schwing Boom Pump

Champion-58-Meter-Schwing-Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 187 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 160 feet
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63 Meter Z-5 Boom Pump

Champion 63 Meter Z5 Boom DiagramVertical Reach: 203 feet
Front Bumper Reach: 175 feet
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We need to know the details of your project and locaction including the presence of power lines, boom reach needed (see boom pump link specs page), yards of concrete to be pumped, mix design, truck spacing, type of pour: slab, wall, footing, specialty, residential or commercial, number of pours anticipated, job location/address and directions, road conditions (narrow, rocky, muddy), wash out area availability, contact name and number, billing information/credit app.