Conveyor Trucks


Conveyor Trucks

Conveyor Trucks

Quick & Efficient

The remote control drive system enables the operator to place the load quickly and efficiently. The mobility of the conveyor belt places material in hard to access areas with accuracy. Walls, fences and foundations are no longer obstructions. Trenches, sidewalk grades or landscape beds are filled with accuracy and ease, allowing for minimal clean up.

Soil King

As with all Champion equipment, the SOIL KING Conveyor Truck reduces labor; increasing the speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness of material placement.


Sand, gravel, top soil, rock (up to 5 inches), compost, your ‘on site’ materials.

Degrees of Rotation

Rotates more than 180 degrees from right to left.

Feet Distance

Is able to shoot material distances of up to 60 feet.

Feet High

Champion’s Conveyor Trucks belt system rises to a height of 12 ft.

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We need to know the details of your project and location including the yards and type of material to be placed, pick up point, job location/address and directions, road conditions (narrow, rocky, muddy), contact name and number, billing information/credit app.